Kelly is a perpetual Creative Writing student.

She has a B.A. from Fairfield University and an M.Sc. in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. She’s currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Edinburgh in Creative Writing.

She made the #Wattys2018 Longlist with her short story Don’t Be A Tease (Fun fact: It was initially revoked due to age restriction rules, so she made a quick change of the characters’ ages… Whoops!)

She’s currently finishing up her PhD and editing her first novel.


Graduation in Scotland comes with a bagpiper, obviously

Graduation in Scotland comes with a bagpiper, obviously

  • Her writing has become a weird mixture of American and British terms.

  • She loves horses, Lady Gaga, and chocolate in that order

  • By American standards, she’s Italian and Scottish. By Brit standards, she’s American

  • She can't whistle to save her life

  • Her favorite movie is "Pee Wee's Big Adventure"

  • Her favorite band is a three-way tie of Radiohead, Silverchair, and Muse