Fitness Update

Well it was going alright last week until I took a trip to the Highlands and ate really good home cooked food and chocolate. 

This week as follows:

last Friday: 59.2 kg (smashed my 70kg squat goal)

Weekend: ? (Didn't weigh myself)

Monday: 59.9 kg (in the afternoon after Highlands)

Tuesday: 59.4 kg

Wednesday: 59.2 kg (here's me thinking Oh heck yes!)

Thursday: 59.9 kg (wtf)

I can attribute the weight gain to water weight due to the menstrual cycle. That's the tough thing with women monitoring their weight—it fluctuates so much during the month because of your cycle. 

Also, just because you are gaining weight or plateauing on the scale doesn't mean you're getting fatter—you could just be gaining muscle. A lot of weight-lifters post before and after pics on Instagram where they weigh more in the after pic but look a lot fitter. 

Anyway, I'm back at it now...

muscle strengthening

I learned a bit about hypertrophy (growth of muscles) training. After my 70kg goal was complete, I wanted to try a bodybuilding program because I thought it focused more on specific areas of the body and was a quicker way to gain muscle and look awesome (ie Nikki Blackketter type workouts).

What I didn't realize is that there are two types of muscle growth (sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar) and bodybuilding creates "puffy", "bloated" muscle that makes your muscle look bigger but not necessarily stronger.

Strength training (which is the best way to describe what I'm doing now) builds denser, stronger muscles that aren't necessarily bigger. That's why you see someone half your size and weight-lifting double the amount you can—it's because their muscles are stronger and denser than yours. Two months ago I saw an extremely skinny girl with legs the size of my arms deadlift 75 kg while I was doing 55 kg. I was so impressed.

I'm obsessed with these Gymshark purple pants

I'm obsessed with these Gymshark purple pants



Bodybuilding: low weight, high rep-range, lots of different exercises to train same muscle group

Strength training: heavy weight, low rep-range

Source: The Two Types of Muscle Growth, by Critical MAS blog 






For now, I'll stick with the program I have from Michael Matthews' Thinner Leaner Stronger book, which is a combo of low-rep exercises and high-rep exercises. This means I'm lifting heavy for the first few exercises then lifting lighter in the last exercises but more reps for more volume. 

I go to the gym 4 days a week. I work out legs/butt, chest, legs/back, and arms/shoulders. 

P.S. If you're ever at the gym and a stranger comes over to tell you you're doing it wrong or suggest a different exercise, tell them to Fuck off. *I unfortunately learned this from experience