Body Power Expo 2017

I've changed a lot since moving to Edinburgh. My confidence has increased with my writing, my social skills are better, I have a greater amount of self-awareness, and I've been working hard with handling my anxiety. But getting fit and enjoying weightlifting has been my favorite accomplishment thus far. I've been introduced to a healthy obsession of getting stronger, eating healthier, and looking and feeling 10x better. 

This past weekend I went to Birmingham, England to a fitness expo called Body Power. My boyfriend and I initially wanted to go because our favorite Gymshark sponsored athletes would be there—Nikki Blackketter, Robin Gallant, Whitney Simmons, Steve Cook, Ben Francis—but when we arrived, we experienced much more than seeing some familiar faces. 

Expos take a niche, magnify it, and invite all fans of that niche together. Like Comic Con, or say, a Home and Gardening Expo. Body Power invited everyone with a passion for fitness and weight-training into the same place. We also saw a shit ton of people wearing Gymshark apparel. 

We got to try protein bars, whey protein drinks, mojito-flavored BCAAs, protein ice cream, protein cookie dough, protein maltesers, and beef jerky. I tried out a vibrating foam roller which was absolutely amazing. Everyone was so fit and jacked, it inspired us to want to do better. We left thinking: We can't wait to go to the gym tomorrow.

I put together a video of it with my GoPro, which isn't the best quality. I apologize for the shakiness but I was too busy eating things to hold the camera steady at times. 

Can't wait for Body Power 2018!