Fat Loss Plateau | Body Fat Scale

After a steady weight loss from 67 kg to 60 kg, I've been stuck between 60.4 kg and 59.4 kg for months. In April, I saw this plateau as a sign to decrease my calorie intake just 100 calories less (not a big difference) but I saw no change. 

For the past two months, I was eating at a calorie deficit with no change in my weight but afraid of gaining all my weight back by increasing my calorie-intake.

Here were the problems:

  • I could see my progress in the mirror but the scale wouldn't budge

  • I was pissed off at the scale's number every morning & started my day in a bad mood because of it

  • I was hungry a lot, which lead me to binge eating on weekends & before bed

  • I had trouble sleeping, which made me irritable, tired, & weak at the gym

  • I couldn't progress at the gym, which made me feel like a failure 

  • I added more gym days to my week for HIIT cardio, which made me hungrier, more tired, have trouble sleeping, and preform badly during lift-days

It all came crashing down last week when I went to the gym after a shitty-night's sleep and gave up in the middle of my squat set because I was so tired. My head was throbbing and there was so much pressure in my temples that I plopped down on the sidewalk and cried. 

Enough's enough, I said. 

My boyfriend suggested I send an email to our favorite fitness guy—Mike Vacanti and ask for advice. In a few days, Mike responded with helpful links and suggested a reverse diet. (My boyfriend did this while bulking, so I know it works.)

Reverse Dieting is basically adding calories back into your diet in weekly increments. Mike explains it best in his post. He also has an in-depth post about Stalling in Weight Loss, which you might want to check out if you don't want to do a reverse diet. 


Since I have a tendency to spend unnecessary $ on fitness things, I bought this high-tech scale from YUNMAI that comes with an app. It graphs your weight progression and tells you your BMI, Body Fat %, Muscle %, etc (take it with a grain of salt, it can't possibly be accurate but it says my body age is 22, so I'll pretend that's accurate.) 


*Update* It's been 5 days that I've added more calories and I've been consistently lighter!  (From 60.1kg and now consistently around 59.0)


I'll keep an eye on my weight but also pay attention to how I look and feel. My main goal is to not overeat too much when I go to the States next month. Somehow I'll have to manage having ice cream only twice a day instead of three times.