Chocolate Ginger Brownie Cake | Inspired by Fitness Forster


“The Great British Bake Off” withdrawal, combined with watching a lot of Martha Stewart baking tutorials on Netflix, plus the fact that I can eat more calories* now, I have been baking a lot!

Every time I find an easy, chocolate-related, and remotely healthy recipe, I am itching to try it out. This time I tried this simple chocolate ginger brownie cake recipe by fellow blogger, Amie at Fitness Forster.

You can find the original recipe on Amie’s website below.

Here’s a list of the tweaks I made due to lack of ingredients I had in my flat and a spurt of creativity.

  • substituted coconut butter for 120g light butter + 30g coconut oil

  • substituted 250g of dark chocolate for 100g Vivani dark chocolate + cocoa powder

  • added coffee with Cafe Grumpy beans and a mocha pot

  • added 20g more flour (because the coffee made the chocolate mixture watery)

  • added fresh grated ginger

  • left out maca powder

The original recipe will have a lot more fat because it calls for coconut butter. I used light butter. I bet the coconut butter recipe will taste a lot richer. Mine came out caky because of the use of extra flour and butter.

You can’t really taste the coffee but the ginger and chocolate combo is incredible. I dare you to tell me a better combo for holiday baking!

Entire cake: 2,213 calories, 45 protein, 288 carbs, 98 fat
Per slice (12 slices): 183 calories, 4 protein, 24 carbs, 8 fat

Thank you to Amie for posting a delicious and simple recipe!

*For the past few years I have been cutting to get lean. Now that is over and I am eating more calories and will transition into bulking to build muscle.

Comment below and tell me what you would use as frosting!
I’m thinking vanilla buttercream with candied ginger on top?