Getting Your Momentum Back After the Holidays


We need times like the holidays to give the body some relaxation. If you want to eat an entire pint of chocolate peanut butter Haagen-Dazs ice cream in one sitting, go for it and good on you! Just maybe don't do what I did and eat pints of ice cream plus, cookies, M&Ms, and marshmallow chocolate cake for four days in a row. Yeah... I was nearly on my deathbed the day after Christmas.


Holiday breaks completely throw me off my game, which means getting back to my normal routine is very appealing. I surprisingly didn't gain too much weight stepping on the scale after 2 weeks, but I felt bloated, my body-clock was off, and I was weak with my lifts in the gym. 


keep your cool

A year ago, I threw a major hissy fit after Christmas. I bumped down my daily-calories and added extra days in the gym to torture myself—I mean do cardio. I was burnt out within days because this drastic change in routine was giving my body too my stress, causing my cortisol levels to spike. I was irritable, I was hungry, I couldn't sleep, and I couldn't lose weight. 


trust the process

This year, I know better. I trust the process. I follow my calories as they were before Christmas, I don't lower them. I follow my 3-day routine in the gym, I don't panic and switch to 5-days. Within a week of the stress-free process, I lost the weight I gained during Christmas and was progressing in the gym again.


accept the loss of gains

It's sometimes hard to admit this to myself but: "This is not a race". I don't need to lift X amount of weight by "this date" or lift more than "this person". When I went to the gym for the first time since the holidays and struggled to squat 62kg when I should've been squatting 65kg no problem, I was bummed. I felt weak. I didn't think about all the factors that contributed to this: How many hours I'd slept the night before, if I ate enough the day before, how I'd been lifting in an unfamiliar gym during Christmas. Of course I was weaker, it was natural. So I swallowed my pride and focused on getting perfectly clean squats at 62kg because the process is more important than the end goal. 


feed yourself with positivity

It's so easy to get in your head over how much you can lift or how your body looks. The more you obsess over it, the more negativity you are feeding your mind. If you aren't happy with how your body looks, get excited about the progress you'll make. If you can't lift as much as you wish you could, get excited about that progress too. Every time you reach a new PR in the gym, say to yourself: "I've committed myself to this progress for X amount of time and I am so proud myself for what I've accomplished!"


Let 2018 be a year of enjoying the process,
not the result.