The Best Pancakes in Edinburgh | Macro Friendly Cafe

It is really hard to track what you eat out and even harder to find places that provide all the nutritional information.

Well after 2 years, my boyfriend and I have finally discovered the best restaurant in Edinburgh . . . for tracking macros! There's this magical spot in Haymarket called Grams where everything on their menu includes the macros. You can see why that's a dream come true for me and my boyfriend. We can put our macro app up next to the Grams menu and take our pick.

Grams offers breakfast foods, coffee, raw desserts, quick snacks, protein bars, energy drinks, food boxes to-go, and meal prep packages that you can pick up for the busy week ahead. 

Our favorite dish by far is the protein pancakes. (They even provide the macros for the maple syrup!)

A post shared by Grams (@gramsedinburgh) on

A post shared by Grams (@gramsedinburgh) on

One of the first times I went to Grams, I asked the woman working at the till, Susan, about the macros of one of the cakes and she whipped out her phone to show me her personally-calculated macros. That's when I knew this place was legit.

(Susan shares her own Grams-inspired recipes on Instagram at @Sunshine_Susan. Check out her blog for fitness and nutrition tips and recipes here.)

Finding Grams has opened the door to the fitness and health community in Edinburgh that I wasn't aware of. In fact, I just discovered this wonderful upcoming event—The Health & Fitness Project that brings together fitness-minded people to meet each other and hear from a number of speakers in the fitness and health fields. It's on November 12, at the Sheraton Grand Hotel on Lothian Road. Tickets still available!

Maybe I'll see you there, or . . . maybe I'll see you at Grams? ;)

Get some chicken with sweet potatoes or protein pancakes. You won't be disappointed by the fresh and healthy goodness. 


16 Clifton Terrace (across from haymarket station)

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4 pm
Saturday & Sunday, 10 am - 4 pm
Every Sunday at the Stockbridge Market