Monthly Motivation | November

give yourself thanks

Does the idea of saying "Thank you" to yourself sound weird? A little bit, right? 

We acknowledge outside factors, like our parents, friends, bosses, and teachers, but we should be giving ourselves credit too. 

Have you ever been upset because of something you wish you could do, and when you rant to your friend about it they simply say: "Then do it." And you kind of stare back with your mouth open and think of a number of reasons why you can't just do it? 

But guess what? You can!

You are in control of your own life. 

You passed the test, you earned the degree, you got the job, you lost the weight, you cooked that delicious turkey dinner. Stop giving credit to the tutor, the personal trainer, the recipe, the luck, and give yourself some damn thanks! 

You are in control of your life and you make your dreams come true, no one else does that for you. 

Here's a 30-second assignment:

Take out a pen and paper. Write down all the internal things you're thankful for. Not your new TV, not your awesome parents who just threw you a Mexican themed birthday party, not your professor for writing a recommendation letter... I'm talking about YOU. Write down everything about YOU that you are thankful for. 

Give less of a shit about all the external factors and remind yourself who you are and why you should love yourself. 


Please comment below and tell me one thing you're thankful for yourself for. (Okay that sentence sounds weird but you know what I mean.) 


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