Surviving the Winter in a City


Do you live in a city where walking and public transport is essential, even in the winter months? Same. Sure, Connecticut is colder and has much more snow, but I was hopping from warm house to warm car, only in the freezing cold long enough to merely think about being cold. How did I ever complain about my 3 minute commute from dorm room to class in college?!

After three years in Edinburgh, I’ve figured out how to stay warm on my walks during the cold months. Here are my tips.

*Shopping list at the bottom of page!


Double up, triple up, quadruple up

Okay, this might be an obvious one when it comes to tops, increasing the thickness per layer. (I.e. basic shirt, warmer shirt, sweater.) But do you layer your pants? If it’s cold enough, wear tights underneath your jeans. If you’re going to the gym, wear oversized sweatpants over your leggings. If you get too hot, you can easily take the tights off in the bathroom and roll them up in your bag.

Double up your socks. Double up your gloves.

I love wearing thick, finger-less gloves, with skinny running gloves through them (preferably with an iPhone touch-feature that almost never works.)


windchill cover

Hats are a necessity. That’s obvious, I don’t need to talk more about it. Just… get a damn hat! But scarves? While they’re good, they don’t do as well as a neck warmer. Especially an adjustable one! Yes, you’ll look unapproachable but your mouth and nose will be much happier.


Walking shoes

Get a good pair of waterproof shoes with traction. You want your feet to be dry but not sweaty, and you don’t want to be slipping along the street. I recommend these Clarks boots. They aren’t waterproof but they are water resistant. (I haven’t been able to find any waterproof boots with good traction, unfortunately.)


Cold nose relief


Never leave the house without a pack of tissues in your pocket because cold weather equals runny noses. Also never leave the house without Chap-stick or Vaseline. Apply this on your red, raw nose for instant relief.


backpack for when you get inside

What do you do with all of your thick sh*t once you get somewhere? Especially when you’re going to a restaurant or a bar, you need to take everything off and put it somewhere. Get a cute backpack. This goes for men, too… Maybe get a “cool” backpack rather than a “cute” backpack.


Do you have a tip for staying warm that I’ve missed? Comment below and tell me how you stay warm in the winter. Don’t worry, Northern Hemisphere people—spring is just around the corner!