Weight Lifting Is Perfect for Introverts


I'm sure most of you have thought about where you lie on the introversion/extroversion spectrum. Most of you have probably taken an online quiz or two, or five. I've always thought of myself as an introvert, so I never enjoyed going to exercise classes or working out with friends. When I got into weightlifting, I thought about it and realized: This is perfect for me! 

Here are the top 3 reasons why weight lifting is perfect for introverts: 

Weight lifting is a solitary activity

You can go to the gym alone, smash out your workout, and go home. There's no one standing there with a headset shouting "Come on, one more squat! You got it!" You don't rely on class schedules, instructors, or teammates. There's no one you have to keep up with or follow. It's just you, your music, and the weight you're lifting. 

Weight lifting is slow-paced

For compound movements like squat or deadlifts, you might only do 4-6 reps per set and then take rest periods of up to 5 minutes. You aren't constantly moving, sweating, heaving for breaths, and feeling like you're going to pass out. You have time to sit and let your mind wander between sets. Your body is still working hard—you just lifted something really heavy and that requires you to rest for long periods of time—but it isn't Go, go, go for a full hour.

We introverts like to contemplate things and let our mind wander, don't we? I do. Between sets I can think about my next set, I can watch a recording of myself lifting and judge the form, or I can stare off into space wondering what I'll have for lunch. The possibilities are endless (contemplation-wise and lunch-wise).  

Weight lifting is organized 

To progress, you need to keep track of your program. You go to the gym knowing exactly what exercises you're doing, how heavy you're going to lift, how many reps, and how many sets. There's never any question of What should I do today? Everything is laid out for you in your program. It's a simple structure—follow it diligently and you'll get stronger.

the last line of each exercise is the latest weight I've done

the last line of each exercise is the latest weight I've done



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What about you?

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