What We Can Learn From Fitness Vloggers


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Okay, so I was at the gym today in the stretching area rolling out my quads. Around me were girls in cute workout outfits and fancy, polished sneakers doing a number of movements that made me just stop and stare in disbelief. Kickbacks, curtsy lunges, step ups, and weird scissor kick movements. It reminded me of where I was two years ago when I only ever used the stretching area of the gym to do a couple jumping jacks and planks then call it a day. 

Minutes later, my attention was drawn to a workout DVD playing on the TV screen mounted on the wall. On screen there was a very attractive, fit, lean woman doing standing ab crunches.

This isn't the exact video but you get the idea

I asked myself: How many women watch this and believe they merely have to follow this routine to look like this fit woman?

I'm sure this can be an issue for men as well but if I refer back to the common stereotype—men should lift weights and women should . . . do standing ab crunches? 


These workout videos, exercise pages in magazines, and Instagram pictures are only telling us 10% of what we need to do to look like the person telling us what to do.

Do you really think Selena Gomez gets fit by "Listening To Music She Loves"? Give me a fucking break. She's probably working her ass off in the gym every day and eating at an intense calorie deficit. 

I've done video-tape classes, I've done spin classes, yoga classes, personal trainers, tried running, and whatever bogus workout I ripped out of a magazine. None of that was fun for me, nor did it help me get fit in any way. Only weight-lifting and eating the right amount of calories as done that. 


I knew the common saying: 70% diet, 30% exercise but no one explained to me what it meant.


I thought it meant eating avocado toast verses pancakes because it was "healthier". 



The reason why I love fitness vloggers is because they show us behind-the-scenes of how they look the way they do. 

They show us:
• legit workouts
• meals
• day-to-day lifestyle
• discipline
• sacrifice
• hard-mother-effin'-work

If you want to get in shape—if you want to learn how to really get in shape without spending a fortune on classes and personal trainers, without spending hours running laps and doing jumping jacks, then keep reading my blog. Ha, just kidding—well, only half-kidding . . . 

But seriously, watch YouTubers who do it right. I'll give you a few of my favorites:

for women:

Natacha Océane, competitive tri-athlete from England

Natacha has a very unique style to her videos. She usually answers a question, i.e. How she stays lean on a 2,800 calorie diet or Does Cardio Burn More Fat Than Weights? in an entertaining way. She's also a beast in the kitchen and in the gym. She has 3 recipe ebooks complete with macros and has just launched her own 12-week program Move, which focuses on building athleticism (calisthenics, functional training, powerlifting, and hypertrophy) for £39.99. 

Stephanie Buttermore, Ph.D., athlete from Florida, USA

Stephanie is new to the YouTube world but her channel is growing fast. She provides heavily researched content as well as work-outs and food challenges. I know I said Natacha was a beast in the kitchen, but I think Stephanie is on a whole other level

Heidi Somers (Buff Bunny), bodybuilder from Texas, USA

Heidi, who I sometimes refer to as "BB", makes videos that always warm my heart. She's always positive and inspirational in her videos, and that's what I admire most about her. Social media can be a toxic place with trolls constantly trying to put others down. Heidi stays above the negativity and believes in herself, which makes it easy for her fans to believe in her! She has her own clothing line called Buff Bunny, which has donated proceeds to many organizations, and she also provides online coaching. She gives thorough information about her workouts in her videos and she also has a backlog of bikini competition prep playlists (although I don't plan on ever doing a bikini competition, these were interesting to watch.)

For Men:

Steve Cooke, bodybuilder from utah, USA

Steve's been inspiring others to build a great physique and live a healthy lifestyle for many years. He consistently puts out social media content about all aspects of his life, including fitness and owning his own gym, Fitness Culture in Utah. He has online programs for men and women, specific to what you want to achieve (i.e. get lean, build muscle, powerlift, etc.) Overall, he seems like a really chill, down-to-earth, friendly dude. 


If I write a post about fitness YouTubers and not mention CG, did I even make a post about fitness YouTubers? Christian uploads videos about his life as a businessman and bodybuilder. His videos almost always include a workout as well as a glimpse into his busy life. He owns his own gym, Alphalete Gym in Texas, an apparel company, Alphalete Athletics (I love this brand), and an energy drink brand, UPEnergy. He does online coaching and has a free workout plan called Summer Shredding, which you can do alongside him as he gets ready for his physique competition in the summer. 

Greg O'Gallagher, fitness & nutrition coach from Toronto, Canada

Greg is the creator of KinoBody, a website that provides online coaching and programs for living a healthy lifestyle. His Goddess Training Program was the first program I followed when I got into lifting and my boyfriend follows his programs as well. He uploads informative videos about fitness and hosts the Road to Ripped podcast with his friend Christopher Walker. I highly recommend you check out his site over at Kinobody.com

Maxx Chewning, Powerlifter from Virginia, USA

Maxx is not only a competitive powerlifter, he's also a very skilled video editor. Combine these two things with his hilarious antics and you've got very entertaining videos to watch. Aside from YouTube, Maxx has his own apparel company called Ever Forward Apparel and donates a portion of the proceeds to ALS charity every year. I won't like,  Maxx's videos are my all-time favorite because they're just so entertaining and he puts a lot of work into making each video unique and enjoyable to watch. Even if your loved one isn't into fitness, they'll probably still enjoy watching his videos with you. (Be sure to also check out his brother, Chase Chewning's fitness podcast Ever Forward Radio.)

Who do you guys look to for fitspiration

I can't believe I just typed "fitspiration"—oh god! Just did it again!