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Workday Lunches

Workday Lunches

Sometimes I eat while I’m out, sometimes I cook, sometimes I meal prep. Here’s a quick look at the lunches I had these last four days. (I usually work a 4-day week, and some on Saturdays. Fridays are for the gym and hanging out with my boyfriend.)

*I aim for low-calorie, low-carb/high-protein lunches because I like to save the bulk of my calories, especially carbs, for dinner and dessert.

Monday —

Cooked chicken breast (pan-fried) with paprika seasoning and a salad with spinach, tomato, carrots, cucumbers, and beets with balsamic dressing.

My friend is visiting from the States so I decided to whip this quick lunch up for us.


tuesday —

Chicken salad for only £2.20 from Tesco and it comes with a fork and dressing!

I stayed at uni today, so I needed to grab something at the store. It can be difficult to find a ready-made meal that’s low-calorie and, especially, low-carb from the store. Thankfully Tesco has added more options within the last few years. I suggest you steer clear from the high-fat sandwiches and pasta bowls and find yourself one of these salads. If not, buy a regular salad and a package of cooked chicken breast.


Wednesday —

Roasted sweet potatoes and chili and coriander shrimp (prawns).

Now it was my friend’s time to make us lunch. She joked as I took the photo that it was an “orange lunch” and it certainly is. I introduced her to the magic of roasted sweet potatoes. Drizzle the pieces with a bit of oil and put in the oven at 200C for 20 minutes, and you can’t go wrong.

(Also, I know this looks like a very tiny meal but I ate a brownie prior to it so I wasn’t that hungry. There’s a new bakery down the street. It is both the death of me and the best thing ever.)


thursday —

Leftover turkey chili with salsa and spinach drizzled with balsamic vinegar. (I forgot to photograph it before I ate it.)

Last night I made low-fat turkey chili with roasted vegetables (see below). When you make a huge batch of something, it’s the perfect opportunity to pack some up in the morning and take it to work or uni.

Dinner last night

Dinner last night


If you enjoyed this, I will definitely make more posts like this. And if you need ideas for lunch, comment below and I’ll be happy to throw some your way!

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