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Cozy Favorite Things & Places

Hey, it's been awhile since I posted so I decided to do something a bit fun, unrelated to fitness or mental health. It's almost December, the sun sets in Edinburgh at 3:45 PM (I'm not kidding), and it's effin' freezing outside. Here's how I handle the cold weather in Scotland and in Connecticut. (For some reason, there's a slight JK Rowling theme here.) 

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Become Your Own Therapist Using CBT Workbooks

Before I started seeing a CBT therapist, I had a tendency to have really bad days and really good days.

On really bad days, I'd feel entirely hopeless and shut myself off from the world. On really good days, I'd believe that I'd never have a bad day ever again. The problem was, I did have really bad days afterwards and they hit harder because I did nothing to prevent them. I'd have a good day and forget I was ever sad. 

Just like fitness, you have to keep working at it.

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