Organizing My Novel with Trello


You guys probably know by now that I change my organizing techniques a lot. Trello was recently introduced to me as an organizing tool for my weekly schedule. I use it for all of my projects related to my PhD, blogging, and other work outside of these. It's a great way to keep on track and see what I can accomplish within a week, so I know how many tasks I can take on for the upcoming week. 

I just finished my first draft, which I would call the skeleton. It's been a solid month of taking time away from writing, rereading what I've written, and meeting with my supervisor. Before I go forth and begin the muscle tissue step, I wanted to see my novel clearly in front of me. There's a lot of thoughts jumbled in my head and scrolling through 160 pages of a word document is not an efficient way of taking note of things to add and change. 

So I took to Trello and created a board just for my novel's "scenes" as I call them (that's just the term I like to use, I'm not saying this is a well-known term writers use since scenes is usually related to scripts, but whatever. I like the word "scenes").

I had to white-out a bunch of the scene titles because they gave away the plot twists, so I'm sorry about that. I wanted you to see what I'm doing but at the same time, I don't want you to know the entire plot of my novel! Not that any of this will make a lot of sense but anyway... this is what I did the past few days:

For every card I put three things: 1) Plot outline of the scene, 2) backstory, and 3) foreshadowing. An * means it's something I want to add/expand on. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 11.03.57 AM.png

This is really going to help me sift through all of the things happening in my novel and keep track of them. If I want to add something or find something, I don't have to rely on "Find Word" on my document and scroll through white space and text. 

I was about to give myself a pat on the back for using Trello to storyboard my novel—but I just did a quick Google search to find that novelists use Trello all the time. Pfff... I guess I'm new to the game but thank goodness I figured it out! 

For all your writers out there, what do you use to storyboard? Please comment below!